Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Tech – We Came for the Yuks

examanswer1Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology – TJHSST – is arguably the preeminent magnet high school in the United States. Two of my kids graduated from TJ and I spent a lot of time there over a seven-year period.

TJBash is a “quote repository” containing (PG-rated) quotes by TJHSST students, alumni, and faculty mostly relating to humorous personal experiences occurring in class, such as:

// During “Word of the Day” in English

Erin: My word is “masticate”, which means to chew. I picked it because I like the way it sounds.

Ms. Bello: Does anyone want to use the word in a sentence?

Erin: I masticate every day.

Tim: I masticate 3 or 4 times per day. I even masticate with my friends.

Bello: Good job, guys.

Tim: Would you like to masticate with me, Logan?

Logan: *laughing too hard to answer*

Erin: Do you think you masticate too much, Tim?

Tim: There’s no such thing as too much mastication.


//In Chemistry, Dr. Acio is explaining variably charged metal ions

Dr. Acio: Tin (II) is called stannous, tin (III) is called stannic. Don’t do what one kid did and say it’s “satanic chloride.” It ain’t satanic, it’s stannic.
A: *mutters* No, there’s only one satanic thing in this room and it writes tests.


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