As I mentioned the other day, my family is visiting Pasadena this week to see my son Chris, whose first “real job” with eSolar is here. I must say, despite the rain (yes, it can rain in southern California), it is one of the nicest small cities we have had the pleasure of touring. The streets are clean, the town is eminently walkable, there are beaucoup places to shop and eat, and of course the climate is absolutely seductive.

Real estate is in the same boat as in the northern Virginia area, but it will recover well, I believe. I continue to urge Chris to buy – perhaps after the first of the year – and take advantage of the current pricing and mortgage rates. If you happen to be looking in the Pasadena area, I can recommend Chris’s agent Irina Netchaev and her website Pasadena Views.


One Response to Pasadena

  1. Kim, welcome to Pasadena! The rain has stopped and the sun is out just for you and the family! Thanks for the mention and congrats on your beatiful new website!!!

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