Last Chance For The Big Johnson

Right. You were holding off until the very last minute in case you had a brilliant flash of insight about the upcoming college football bowl games, but with Saturday’s 11:00 AM (EST) deadline looming, you have to get your entry in PDQ, ASAP, like NOW, man.

Perhaps you don’t need a new iPod Nano – I understand. My wife thinks she’s getting one for Christmas (heh, heh) so she hasn’t considered entering – I’m sure she would simply click the buttons for the colleges she loves (i.e. Georgia Tech, Cal, UVa, Virginia Tech, North Carolina) or has some friends who attended (e.g. Maryland, Notre Dame). Beyond that, she would choose those she might have heard of. And she’d probably have as good a chance at winning as anyone – after all, it’s not like you’re up against thousands of people here.

But did you know that I am willing to convert your prize into something you might value more? Last year the winner went for a contribution to her (get that guys? Her?) favorite charity. Others have gone for iTunes credit. Really, I don’t care.


  Kim’s Big Johnson College Bowl Mania

Click on it . . . read the instructions . . . go to ESPN . . . create your entry . . . make your guesses.


You are getting very sleepy . . . .


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