Big Johnson Winners!

Kim’s Big Johnson College Bowl Mania is over and a winner has been declared!bigjohnson

If you peek at the final standings to see how you did, the PCT in the last column represents your position amongst the hordes who competed on ESPN. For instance, our winner did better than 98% of all contestants. Sad to say, our median score was in the lower half. In other words, as a group, we sucked. The only way to redeem ourselves is to resolve to do better next year!

Winning Maniac:  Fred Heggi (iPod Nano)

Second Place:  Dave Gerstner (Mrs. Hanes Cookies)

Also Beat Kim:  Jacob Beckland, Chris Hannemann, Erin Hayes, Eric Torrey, Chris Gruber, Pat Hayes, Donny Samson, Lon Pribble, and Ron Frazier (some kinda chocolate)

Other Notable Achievements

Most Winners:  Erin Hayes (23)

Most Efficient (most points per winner):  Scott Breunig

Least Efficient (fewest points per winner):  Christy Cunnington

Last Place:  Vicky Hannemann (who let Dad choose her point values randomly, and will never make that mistake again)

Once again, my sincere thanks to you for participating in this event. I hope you enjoyed the competition. Start planning for the Big Johnson College Basketball Spectacular, coming in March! It’s gonna be the biggest Big Johnson ever!

I hope you will recommend me me to your friends, neighbors, and colleagues when they need some advice from a good real estate consultant. I am much better at real estate than at predicting football games.



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