U.S. job growth, powered by the sun

esolarchrisOk, since one of my kids works in the solar industry, this matters a lot to me. Not only that, but let’s use some of that “free” solar power while we still have the sun!

The U.S. solar industry is expected to support more than 440,000 permanent, full-time jobs, including many in the manufacturing and construction industry, by the year 2016. The solar jobs growth layer shows where these jobs are likely to be created across the country. You’ll see that many of these jobs are being created in states that have experienced the worst of the current economic crisis, including Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Ohio.

Official google.org Blog: U.S. job growth, powered by the sun.


One Response to U.S. job growth, powered by the sun

  1. Chris says:

    Woo hoo solar! There are a lot of different types of solar out there, so for those who are confused, that photo is of a heliostat from a solar thermal power plant. Check out esolar.com for more info on that.

    And if you’re feeling ambitious and would like to delve a little deeper, a good journal article covering everything from the basics to the thermodynamic analysis of all types of solar energy usage can be found at:


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