Springfield Town Center Plan Finally Moves Forward

From the Fairfax Times today:sprtownctr

A complete overhaul of the Springfield Mall and surrounding areas gained final approval July 13.

The Fairfax County Board of Supervisors unanimously approved turning the 34-year-old mall property into a more urban-style town center that the community hopes will once again make central Springfield a destination.

“Springfield Mall needed a complete transformation,” said Supervisor Jeff McKay (D-Lee). “We wanted a regional mall on par with other regional malls in the area that we could be proud of.”

The project includes upgrades to the mall itself, as well as construction of new offices, apartments, a hotel, movie theater and additional restaurants and shops. Mall owner Vornado has also promised to improve connections to the Franconia-Springfield Metro station for pedestrians, cyclists and buses; build a synthetic turf playing field; and contribute to area road and park improvements.

One Response to Springfield Town Center Plan Finally Moves Forward

  1. Brian says:

    Redevelopment has not occurred at the Springfield Mall, the mall went up for sale by bid, but no new owner announced. Redevelopment is likely not going to happen.


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